Inorganic vs Organic Growth on Discord

I have seen a lot of people asking me the difference between inorganic and organic growth, or asking me why I don’t use promos, or why I say to them that it is not good method of growing, and so, here is my answer.

Just a quick note, the words ‘Inorganic’/‘Organic’ are interchangeably with ‘Unnatural’/‘Natural’. For the purposes of this article, I will continue with ‘Inorganic’ and ‘Organic’

In my terms, organic growth is the type of growth where a user is interested in your server and joins the server at their own will, be it from your server ad, description of your server, or anything else that convinced them to join because they liked your server.
This can happen when you advertise your server in advertising servers, bump your server on server listing sites, gain enough votes on, through partnerships, and so on.
These type of growth will lead to people being more active, and increasing your server’s metrics.

On the other hand, inorganic growth, in simple words is basically the user didn’t want to join, but joined due to some reason or another.
This can happen due to various reasons, a few being giveaway requirements in other servers ‘forced’ them to join your server, or maybe through J4J or rep4rep via partnerships.

Why is inorganic growth bad?

Inorganic growth is bad as the users who join usually aren’t active. Those who joined for completing the giveaway requirement will most likely just stay for the sake of the giveaway in the other servers and might even leave later. Those who join through j4j/rep4rep in partnerships join mostly to keep the partnership with your server and won’t be interested in chatting.

Thus, those members do not contribute to the server activity, and even if you have a high member count, the lack of activity will become an issue later on.

How can I avoid inorganic growth? And what all methods count as inorganic or organic?

  • Advertising in Ad servers > Organic as members can join at their own will after looking at your advertisement
  • Listing Websites & Bump Bots(, Disboard, Liam, DSC, etc) > Organic, members join at their own will
  • Inviting your friends > Organic. But it could be inorganic as you basically ask them to join to maintain friendship, but I guess they could be active, so maybe, organic
  • DM Advertising > Inorganic as you are sending invites to people who are not even interested in joining.
  • J4J and/or Rep4Rep > Inorganic
  • Server Discovery at 1000 members > Organic. I mean, it is literally built into Discord
  • Advertising on your social media > Organic, people could be interested in joining
  • Promos — Sponsored Giveaways/Gw4Gw > Inorganic. Basically, users join for the prize, and leave later on
  • Promos — Auto Ads > Organic. It just saves some time advertising manually on an advertising server
  • Promos — Sponsored Channels > Organic. You have your ad posted in the channels, and people join at their own will.
  • Promos — Welcome DMs > Inorganic. Same reason as “Dm Advertising”

Does this concept apply outside Discord servers as well?

Yes, it applies almost everywhere.

For example: Discord bots can have inorganic growth if it was added for some particular reason(like giveaway requirements again) and little to no commands are being used. Even because itself flags inorganic growth for bots during the verification process.
This can even happen on YT, Twitch, and so on, as subscribers/followers will not view your videos/streams
Twitter followers gained through inorganic growth might not even view your tweets. Same thing with Instagram, and other platforms


Don’t use inorganic methods of growing. Even if it takes longer, organic methods will pay off in the future anyways, so keep trying, and do not lose hope!

Written by Frozen#4917 on Discord. Contact me there if you have any queries. Join Lemon&Mint if you want further assistance with Discord and stuff.



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